The Future of Large Format Printing: Mimaki JV30-130 Upgrade by Plus2Print

Plus2Print is proud to introduce the groundbreaking Mimaki JV30-130 upgrade, setting a new standard for large format printing.

From captivating exhibitions to eye-catching outdoor promotions, this upgrade seamlessly merges advanced technology and limitless creativity. Discover how this remarkable innovation, can redefine your printing experience.

Breaking Dimensions with the Mimaki JV30-130 Upgrade:

Imagine the impact of your designs on an expansive 1.5-metre wide canvas. The Mimaki JV30-130 upgrade is more than a printer; it's a portal to boundless creativity. Empowering artists, marketers, and visionaries to think big, this upgrade promises to surpass the boundaries of imagination.

Unparalleled Precision and Quality:

Precision and quality lie at the core of the Mimaki JV30-130 upgrade. Each print is a masterpiece, capturing intricate details and vibrant colors that set your vision apart. This upgrade goes beyond size – it's about enhancing the quality of your prints to captivate and engage.

Weather the Elements with Enduring Brilliance:

Outdoor events often face unpredictable weather conditions. Thanks to the new solvent waterproof inks, the Mimaki JV30-130 upgrade acts as a shield against the elements. Rain or shine, your creations will remain vivid and dynamic, ensuring longevity and resilience.

Pioneering Innovation in Large Format Printing:

In a digital age driven by innovation, staying ahead is crucial. The Mimaki JV30-130 upgrade embodies this ethos. Plus2Print utilises cutting-edge technology in large format printing, ensuring your prints are not only current but also visionary.

Vision with Plus2Print's Expertise:

At Plus2Print, we're not just a service; we're your creative partners. The Mimaki JV30-130 upgrade invites entrepreneurs, artists, marketers, and dreamers to explore new possibilities. From captivating PVC banners to mesh banners to exhibition stands our capabilities are diverse.

Experience the Extraordinary:

The Mimaki JV30-130 upgrade from Plus2Print is your gateway to the extraordinary. Prepare to be immersed in a world where innovation meets quality, where your ideas come to life in larger-than-life prints.

The Future Today:

Discover the unlimited potential of the Mimaki JV30-130 upgrade and unlock a realm of creative opportunities. The future of large format printing is here, and it's dynamic, immersive, and ready to lift your vision.

Are you ready to redefine your printing experience?

Your Canvas. Your Imagination. Choose Plus2Print.

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